Maximizing Productivity and Balance: Insights from a Software Engineer's Journey

aidas | Aug. 28, 2023

Software engineering is a marathon, not a sprint! That's why working smart produces better results than working hard. This holds benefits for both employees and even more for employers.

No employer will be able to instruct you on how to bring out your absolute best. It's a highly personal journey. 🚀

That's why I'm sharing some tips from my personal experience:

🚀 Unveiling the Multitasking Myth: How to Master Productivity! 🎯

aidas | Aug. 27, 2023

Are you juggling tasks like a pro, or drowning in a sea of to-dos? 🤹‍♂️ Here's the scoop: true multitasking isn't the productivity powerhouse we thought it was, according to both science and personal experience.

🚫 Say goodbye to the multitasking trap and hello to the magic of focus! The secret sauce?

Conquering Email Chaos: How I Used Filters to Tame My Inbox Like a Pro

aidas | Aug. 27, 2023

💌 Tired of your inbox resembling a popcorn machine? 🍿 Fear not, for I've found the ultimate solution!

Organization with bookmarks

aidas | Aug. 24, 2023

Are You also the kind of person who typically has 100+ tabs opened at any given time?

How to save hours of debugging

aidas | Aug. 23, 2023

tl;dr: In the beginning of debugging, deliberately narrow down the scope as much as possible.

Got some slimy bug the other day. Spent a couple of hours trying to track it down, but it still was slipping through my radar.

Things went wrong in the 1st month of vanlife

aidas | Aug. 23, 2023

Been traveling in a van for 1 month already. What went wrong (previously was working):

How to fix solar panels on the spot

aidas | Aug. 5, 2023

Had no equipment and no technical knowledge. Here's how I figured it out and got the job done.

Vanlife Slovenia

aidas | July 26, 2023

Starting vanlife

aidas | July 23, 2023

Czech republic to Slovenia: Lednicko-valtický areál, Neusiedler See, first via ferrata, Balaton and first car issues.

How to cook buckwheat on Sun

aidas | July 22, 2023

We all heard that pouring buckwheat with plain water and leaving overnight guarantees you a great breakfast.

But what if I can't wait that long? What if I want to eat it sooner and ran out of gas?

I've (almost) developed a method, which (hopefully) works every sunny day and goes as follows:

Vanlife: test ride & first tips

aidas | July 20, 2023

A month later than planned, but finally on my first journey in the van.

So far just a short testing trip in the Czech Republic. We’re testing the van, the van is testing us.

Should I be unsatisfied about any minor previous issues? Fixing the van took half a year? Exploded garage? Brought the van for cleaning, took it back with a broken transmission?

Nah, let’s leave the past where it belongs. Let’s move to the current adventures.

Some tips to enjoy Your first ride more (aka don’t repeat my mistakes):

Why I’m dumping reading news

aidas | July 17, 2023


Why: lately I’ve noticed that reading all newsletters and blogs I’m subscribing to consumes a lot of my time and the knowledge which I get from them mostly falls in: superficial, unrelated to my current scope of work/applications, doesn’t surprise me (i.e. I read what I expect).

How: I’m dumping as many newsletters as I comfortably can (cruel). Others I’m redirecting to a separate mail folder (filtering), so I don’t have a sense of losing something, but they’re not in my main mailbox, hence out of my sight (less cruel).

Thoughts from “A Philosophy of Software Design”

aidas | May 17, 2023

Just finished “A Philosophy of Software Design” by John Ousterhout. Some thoughts from the book mixed with mine ones.

My first CTF game

aidas | May 9, 2023

I have a confession to make.

I have a problem:
I can’t stop learning -
I just love it so much.

My thoughts on Crucial Conversations

aidas | April 21, 2023

Just read Crucial Conversations by K. Patterson, J. Granny, R. McMillan and A. Switzler. Brilliant book! I recommend it!

A few thoughts from the book and from me:

Dragons & Demons: making your own blog website

aidas | March 24, 2023

What’s the best about having your own blog website?

Writing whatever you want…
Doing all the crazy things that come to your mind!

My cute little baby

But what a hell of a ride that was!!

Shamanic way to deal with errors

aidas | March 20, 2023

Unless you have some masochistic tendencies, I bet you hate errors the same as I do. No fun is fun under the buggy Sun, right? And solving them might be like beating one’s head against the wall. From my experience, things might get clearer when we compare them to one of those warm late spring days: you’re walking in a blooming park, laughing with your friends and bursting with the joyful energy enriched by the Sun, when suddenly you step into…

“Gurus” want Your money

aidas | March 16, 2023

Not that long ago I decided to learn more about investing, financial freedom, marketing and similar topics. These fields were new to me, so I felt huge interest and motivation. I wanted to learn a lot of great stuff and even apply it in real life. But where to start?

How to get promoted

aidas | March 6, 2023

Promotion was never a clear topic to me. I didn’t know how to ask for one or what I needed to accomplish to climb a step higher. But I did want to get promoted. So I ...

How to fail hundreds of job applications and get a job at Red Hat

aidas | Feb. 27, 2023

Two years ago I was one of those guys living in a student’s house, taking clothes to the washing machine together with roommates (it’s cheaper) and spending days on the web searching for a job. Starting this journey around Christmas I was almost right expecting to get an offer as a Christmas gift. Turned out, as a next Christmas gift, since it took me some 9 months to finally get an offer. But let’s start from the… start.