Vanlife: test ride & first tips

aidas | July 20, 2023

A month later than planned, but finally on my first journey in the van.

So far just a short testing trip in the Czech Republic. We’re testing the van, the van is testing us.

Should I be unsatisfied about any minor previous issues? Fixing the van took half a year? Exploded garage? Brought the van for cleaning, took it back with a broken transmission?

Nah, let’s leave the past where it belongs. Let’s move to the current adventures.

Some tips to enjoy Your first ride more (aka don’t repeat my mistakes):

How to save hours of debugging

aidas | Aug. 23, 2023

tl;dr: In the beginning of debugging, deliberately narrow down the scope as much as possible.

Got some slimy bug the other day. Spent a couple of hours trying to track it down, but it still was slipping through my radar.

Conquering Email Chaos: How I Used Filters to Tame My Inbox Like a Pro

aidas | Aug. 27, 2023

💌 Tired of your inbox resembling a popcorn machine? 🍿 Fear not, for I've found the ultimate solution!

🚀 Unveiling the Multitasking Myth: How to Master Productivity! 🎯

aidas | Aug. 27, 2023

Are you juggling tasks like a pro, or drowning in a sea of to-dos? 🤹‍♂️ Here's the scoop: true multitasking isn't the productivity powerhouse we thought it was, according to both science and personal experience.

🚫 Say goodbye to the multitasking trap and hello to the magic of focus! The secret sauce?

Maximizing Productivity and Balance: Insights from a Software Engineer's Journey

aidas | Aug. 28, 2023

Software engineering is a marathon, not a sprint! That's why working smart produces better results than working hard. This holds benefits for both employees and even more for employers.

No employer will be able to instruct you on how to bring out your absolute best. It's a highly personal journey. 🚀

That's why I'm sharing some tips from my personal experience: