Vanlife: test ride & first tips

aidas | July 20, 2023

A month later than planned, but finally on my first journey in the van.

So far just a short testing trip in the Czech Republic. We’re testing the van, the van is testing us.

Should I be unsatisfied about any minor previous issues? Fixing the van took half a year? Exploded garage? Brought the van for cleaning, took it back with a broken transmission?

Nah, let’s leave the past where it belongs. Let’s move to the current adventures.

Some tips to enjoy Your first ride more (aka don’t repeat my mistakes):

Starting vanlife

aidas | July 23, 2023

Czech republic to Slovenia: Lednicko-valtický areál, Neusiedler See, first via ferrata, Balaton and first car issues.

How to cook buckwheat on Sun

aidas | July 22, 2023

We all heard that pouring buckwheat with plain water and leaving overnight guarantees you a great breakfast.

But what if I can't wait that long? What if I want to eat it sooner and ran out of gas?

I've (almost) developed a method, which (hopefully) works every sunny day and goes as follows:

Vanlife Slovenia

aidas | July 26, 2023

How to fix solar panels on the spot

aidas | Aug. 5, 2023

Had no equipment and no technical knowledge. Here's how I figured it out and got the job done.

Things went wrong in the 1st month of vanlife

aidas | Aug. 23, 2023

Been traveling in a van for 1 month already. What went wrong (previously was working):