How to cook buckwheat on Sun


aidas | July 22, 2023

We all heard that pouring buckwheat with plain water and leaving overnight guarantees you a great breakfast.

But what if I can't wait that long? What if I want to eat it sooner and ran out of gas?

I've (almost) developed a method, which (hopefully) works every sunny day and goes as follows:

Take a pot


Put treasure


Pour the water


Cover against spies


Cover even more in a dark black bag


Leave it under the sun on some hot surface


Wait. Wait. Wait...

TAKE IT! (careful, it's hot!)


Rediscover the treasure and enjoy Your meal!

Now you're asking me "How long should I wait?"

Well, I answer "It depends..."

"On what?"

"On the circumstances..."


Alright, alright, cooking only for myself for 2h and a bit wasn't entirely enough (buckwheat still was a bit tough). My guess is that 3h would had been enough. However the exact time might depend on the:

  1. amount of water,
  2. how warm the water is in the beginning,
  3. how much sunlight you have
  4. how hot it is outside
  5. how hot is the surface on which the pot stands
  6. magical forces.

Feel free to experiment and let me know the results! :)

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