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aidas | Aug. 24, 2023

Are You also the kind of person who typically has 100+ tabs opened at any given time?

First I started putting everything in bookmarks.

As the mess shifted from the tabs to bookmarks, I started creating folders of bookmarks.

Then I reorganized the bookmark folders hierarchically and recursively.

Avoided "misc" folder like devil.

Sometimes I create some temp folder for stuff, which I'm planing to delete in the future. This could be an investigation, ticket-related stuff, gathering knowledge about a particular topic, etc. After job's done, one button click and clean.

Saves time for the daily used stuff.
Saves a lot of time for the something I need once a year!

And don't forget to back up the bookmarks time to time:
Chrome: bookmarks -> bookmark manager -> (three dots in the corner) -> export bookmarks
Firefox: bookmarks -> manage bookmarks -> import and backup -> export bookmarks to HTML

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