Things went wrong in the 1st month of vanlife


aidas | Aug. 23, 2023

Been traveling in a van for 1 month already. What went wrong (previously was working):

  1. Flat tire
  2. Leaking front windshield
  3. Bad battery
  4. Bad solar panel contact
  5. Climate control is unavailable for the first 10-15s after the ignition (usually blows something random).
  6. Various parts started to squeak, need some oil or smth.
  7. Ceiling glue doesn’t hold ceiling material.
  8. It gets more and more dirty despite the efforts.
  9. Front wind brush went off.
  10. 12V - USB adapter broke.
  11. In the beginning, the antifreeze was full. Is it leaking?
  12. Remains of dead mosquitoes everywhere.
  13. Engine started making terrifying sounds. Turned out that 1 liter of engine oil disappeared and the oil level sensor didn’t work.

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