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aidas | July 26, 2023

4th of July

First things first: I want my internet.

All Czech operators: 40-60 GB in EU for ~40 EUR.

After quite some searching through internet forums, I found my deal:

Hot: 100 GB for 10 EUR (also 2 EUR for a SIM card).

Dear Czech operators - bla!

PS A very useful page of mobile operators by country in Europe.

Came to a beautiful and very interesting lake - Kamenšnica Babinci.


The nature is very calming and relaxing, but what was here?


I see some remains, rusty things flowing in the water... At first glance it doesn’t look good, but the water is clean, people are climbing on the floating rusty thing, balancing, jumping into the water and having fun.

I never figured out what was there and if it's safe to bath there. Maybe someone knows?

5th of July

In the morning found some condensate under the front mat. It’s good to check them once in a while if they aren’t wet.

Continue hiking ferrari and training for the Triglav (got lost somewhere in the woods).

Came to Velenje. Just look at the lake:


6th of July

we parked in Velenje's giant empty parking lot. Before 7 am it was full. Time to get out.

Pro tip: if You climb the mountain of mud after the rain, you may have 1cm thicker shoes.


7th of July

Climbing Pece/Kordezeva Glava (even more ferratas, no I’m not bored yet).


And a perfect place to have a snack for two!


8th of July

Logar Valley (Logarska dolina). What’d the probability that You’ll accidentally meet your friends from Czechia near the waterfall?


Going west through serpentines. Anyone was interested in the consequences?


Also I'd like to make an official statement for the bikers. Not to all of them, only to a special group of debils bikers racing on public serpentine roads:


Are You nuts to chase adrenaline where people go with kids, where go lots of bike enthusiasts and where the turning are so sharp that it's impossible to see anything in the back/sides through mirrors?

I know that you want. But there are places to do these things. We don't masturbate in public, do we? We don't pee on the streets, right? Right??? (I saw you little the other night!)

Think twice and make the right decision so that I don't have to wash your guts off of my car!

9th of July

Bled. Tourists. Lots of tourists.


Even though a lot of people go here, the water looks super clean.

10th of July

What about two more vias farratas?


Yeah, vacation is over, today's the first workday. After a bit of thinking decided to construct a little outside office (my slovenian internet is super-duper.)


Searching for parking near lake Bohinj (Bohinjsko jezero). As the lake itself is already in Triglav's national park, camping (or parking anywhere) is forbidden. You don't want police to find You. And they will find you unless you fit your van in some yet-undiscovered cave.

Pro tip: come early to find spot.

Expert tip: make a reservation.

11th of July

Gorgeous Mostnica Gorge (Korita Mostnice).


Anybody can tell me what a person with a scooter is doing here?




12th of July

All night was raining, morning looked good. Forecasting was no rain. Decided to go around the lake Bohinj.

If went as follows: time to time little drop or two falls. We don't really care.

Then it started dropping stronger. We sat down on the bench under the trees right in front of the lake.

Clouds were comming from the west and on the west looked worse and the rain went stronger.

We looked at the map - nothing good. But the hope dies last, isn't it?

It was already raining pretty when we were forces to move near the trees.

Any buses go from here? Maybe after some 20min and the trees don't help anymore.

We ran to hide under the poster stand with a little roof (with other 10 people, who were waiting for a bus). Guess what, the bus didn't stop. It just went right on. Next bus in maybe some 40min. We're wet. I have phone and laptop in the backpack.

I decided to leave everything, hitchhike those 6-7km to the car and come back. How was I supposed to know that it'd take me 2 cars, 1 hour and a broken windshield wiper to get back with my van to pick up Magdalena, who already had taken the bus to the van, which no longer was where it was?

So the rain stopped, the heating in the van was maxed out, outside was no rain and Sun started to appear. And I was sitting all wet in the van going back to where in was parked before to find Magdalena (did I mention I didn't take phone because I didn't want it to get wet and break?)

Well, we survived.

But apparently the 2nd car's battery, which is connected to the solar panels, not. Either it was too little sun, or too weak panels or the battery is just dead. Not charging a thing.

Spent an evening in cloth washing center in Ljubljana taking with one american hiker about Tour du Mont Blanc and Mt. Everest.

Pro tip: bring your own cloths washing liquid. Some washing centers may not have it.

13th of July

The day started promissing:

Swamp under the passenger seat.

Not every big looking gas station has toilets.

Climate control in the car looks a bit broken.

No electricity in the 2nd battery (using the 1st one would feel like a suicide).

The only pleasant thing was meeting Leo - a nice vanlife guy from germany (our first vanlife friend, yey!!!)

After some unscrewing, we figured out the roof is leaking. I removed the roof and we found out that the front windshield glue/isolation is... done! It leaks a lot through it. During our exploration, the rain started again with a hail of some ice balls of 2cm width and we ended up with a lot of buckets to collect the dropping water.


Finished the day visiting cafe to recharge our batteries (literally).

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