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aidas | July 20, 2023

A month later than planned, but finally on my first journey in the van.

So far just a short testing trip in the Czech Republic. We’re testing the van, the van is testing us.

Should I be unsatisfied about any minor previous issues? Fixing the van took half a year? Exploded garage? Brought the van for cleaning, took it back with a broken transmission?

Nah, let’s leave the past where it belongs. Let’s move to the current adventures.

Some tips to enjoy Your first ride more (aka don’t repeat my mistakes):

  1. Before parking, check if there’s a place for toilet stuff. First night we parked in a place near the lake on one side and high grass on the other. Guess what! In the morning we had to abandon the place and rush to the gas station.
  2. Gas cooking outside with strong wind doesn’t work. We tried to cook spaghetti for one hour with no success…
  3. Before putting some sauce on the spaghetti (yes, the same ones), taste it. Maybe plain spaghetti will taste better than some random sauce you found in a shop.
  4. Don’t try to save water by making green tea from water where (you guessed it) spaghetti were boiled (haven’t tried other tea flavors though).
  5. When parking for sleeping, don’t park on slopes.
  6. Strong wind = no mosquitos and perfect ventilation with only a little cracked windows.
  7. Having one big mattress all over the VW T4 is a nightmare. Bought two 60cm width foldable ones: it saved my back, mental state and the relationship.
  8. Properly clean the van, check all the places. It’s better to encounter mold, chemicals, leaks and whatnot before the trip than during it.
  9. Actually, fixing any problem before the trip is easier. Make Your future easier. Do at least one test sleepover ride (the more the better.)

What about Your first ride? Any adventures? ;)

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